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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ
Glendale, AZ
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Utility Rate Study
The City of Glendale Utility Rate Study Update is being conducted as part of the city’s ongoing efforts to maintain the highest levels of safe, efficient and reliable delivery of water, sewer and solid waste services to Glendale residents and businesses.

As part of this study, the city’s Public Works and Water Services departments are jointly conducting in-depth evaluations to examine existing costs incurred by the city for residential solid waste and water and wastewater services and to determine the necessary rate adjustments going forward in the continued provision of these quality services

To learn more, call 623-930-4100 or visit 

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Median Project Median Landscape Conversion & Water Conservation Project
67th Ave. Roadway Median (South of Beardsley Rd.)
Glendale’s Transportation Division and the city’s Water Services Department have teamed up to launch a pilot water conservation project to convert a portion of existing water-dependent grass area located within the center median on 67th Avenue, just south of Beardsley Rd., to water-conserving artificial turf.

Over the next several weeks, crews will be on site performing median landscape conversion activities;minor lane restrictions or temporary lane closures can be anticipated. Along with the removal of the existing grass and irrigation system and installation of artificial turf, work includes the installation of a new, more efficient irrigation system to provide water to the existing pine trees using the current water source. Work on the pilot median conversion project is slated to be completed by late June. View Flyer
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Water Services Award Glendale Water Services Department Takes Top State Honors for Safety and Performance
AZ Water Association has once again recognized the city of Glendale as the recipient of its Large Water System of the Year award during its 90th Annual 2017 AZ Water Conference and Exhibition award ceremony held May 4. Glendale took this same top statewide award previously in 2011.

The city of Glendale Large Water Distribution System is responsible for conveying clean water in an environmentally-safe manner from water treatment facilities to residences and businesses. The system is operated and maintained by a team of 48 highly-trained skilled workers, electricians, maintenance mechanics and technology professionals. Delivering service to 62,000 homes and businesses, the citywide system consists of 25,000 valves, 8,500 hydrants and nearly 1,000 miles of distribution line.
Read Press Release

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Water Pyramid Peak Water Treatment Plant Open House
You’re Invited!
The Glendale Water Services Department is hosting a community open house to share information about upcoming water treatment plant capacity expansion and process improvements being implemented at the Pyramid Park Water Treatment Plant located east of Pyramid Peak Parkway and north of Pinnacle Vista Drive. This needed process and capacity project will improve plant reliability and provide the ability to meet increasing service demand associated with area growth and development. The plant’s treatment capacity will increase by 15 million gallons per day over the plant’s current 39 million gallons per day treatment capacity.

Informational Open House Thursday, April 20, 2017, 6-7 p.m.
Glendale Community College North Campus, C Building Room 130
5727 W. Happy Valley Road, Glendale. More Information

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Sewer & Manhole Rehabilitation Program
CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY: April through December 2017
Glendale Water Services Department is in the process of performing construction activities associated with the replacement and upgrade of sewer system infrastructure at several locations throughout the city. Community benefits include enhanced odor control, reduced overflows and improved system reliability. Download Flyer

Impacted residences and businesses will be notified when work is scheduled to be performed in their area.

Phase 4 Project Locations:

  • W. Glenn Dr.: N. 53rd Ave.-N. 51st Ave.
  • W. Butler Dr.: N. 55th Ave. -54th Ave.
  • W Northern Ave.: N. 45th Ave.-N. 43rd Ave.
  • W. Maryland Ave.: Grand Ave.-N. 54th Ave.
  • N. 68th Dr.:  Camelback Rd.-W. Pasadena Ave.
  • N. 59th Dr.: W. Orangewood Ave.-W. Northern Ave.
  • N. 60th Ave.: W. Maryland Ave.-W. Ocotillo Rd.
  • W. Missouri Ave.: N. 75th Ave.-N. 78th Ave.
  • 190-ft. north of W. Maryland Ave.: N. 62nd Ave.-N. 63rd Ave.
  • W. Cholla St: 62nd Ave.-N. 63rd Ave.

Your Enterprise Fund Dollars at Work!
Questions? Call the Construction Hotline at 602-750-7139
Project # 131419

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Water Video

The Value of Water – From Water source to your tap, and what it takes to take the wastewater away.

Do you know what it takes to get water to our homes and businesses? Our friends at the Alliance for Water Efficiency created a short video that explains the cost of water, and what it takes to fulfill these services.

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Water Spalsh

What are the facts about hexavalent chromium-6?

Due to recent news coverage on this topic, Glendale Water Services is providing residents with this information assuring them Glendale’s water is safe and meets all federal guidelines. Click here for fact sheet.

Read the Arizona Municipal Water Users’ Association’s blog for more    information about hexavalent chromium-6.

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Pool How to Responsibly Drain Your Pool

Did you know that the City Code prohibits the discharge of pool water into the storm drain? For helpful tips on how to legally drain your pool, please visit the Water Services Storm Water webpage  or download a How-To fact sheet with best management practices.

If you witness someone draining their pool illegally, please visit the City’s Code Compliance webpage to the submit the information.

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Do You Know Where Your Water and Sewer Line Service Responsibility Begins?

Water Services provides safe and reliable drinking water, and wastewater services to Glendale customers. Each service is delivered through thousands of miles of pipe in the water distribution and wastewater collections systems.

For potable water services, the customers’ responsibility begins right after the water meter all the way to the residence/business. Water Department’s responsibility includes the water meter up to the water mains, and the right-of-way directly above it.

For wastewater services, the customer’s responsibility begins right after the city’s right-of-way all the way to the residence/business. Water Department’s responsibility includes the right-of-way up to the sewer mains.

Click here to view a graphic explaining lines of responsibility for potable water.

Click here to view a graphic explaining lines of responsibility for wasterwater (sewer).  

For more information, please call (623) 930-4100.

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Cease the grease

How to Prevent Sanitary Sewer Clogs from Happening to You!

When fats, oils, and grease from daily kitchen use are poured into drains, either in homes or businesses, it can solidify in your pipes and cause costly sewer blockages and overflows. This can potentially damage homes, cause raw sewage to backup into city streets, threaten public health, and cause damage to the environ­ment. The easiest way to solve the problem of grease blockage is to keep grease out of the drains in the first place.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Glendale Pretreatment Program’s Not in My Drain brochure.

Click here to view a short YouTube video on the Not in My Drain Campaign by Water Services. 

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Centennial logo

1915 to 2015 – Water Services Centennial in Glendale

On January 27, 2015, the Mayor made a proclamation to commemorate 100 years of Municipal Water Services in the City of Glendale. Although Glendale has changed significantly over the last century, one thing remains constant – the city’s commitment to providing exceptional water and wastewater services. Below are some highlights from the year-long celebration of the Water Services Centennial.

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Low Impact Development Toolkit

Low Impact Development Toolkit

Glendale recently developed a Low Impact Development (LID) toolkit - intended to identify current stormwater management practices and national and regional LID best practices, ultimately providing a living document with simple, updatable tools, that can guide the city and their businesses and residents, toward more sustainable stormwater design practices.
More information

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Water Services Advisory Commission

Water Services Advisory Commission

Seven members of the public appointed by City Council to advise the Council regarding policies and strategies to include regional collaboration, water resources sustainability, operations and infrastructure, all to ensure the well-being and quality of life of Glendale residents and businesses.
More information

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Cactus in front of lake

City of Glendale Drought Management Plan

Drought has been in the news for the past few months. Water Services’ Environmental Resources Division has been administering  the City’s drought management plan, as part of the 100-year assurance of the Groundwater management Act.
More information

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Water Services CIP Projects

Click here to access the Engineering Department’s Capital Improvement  Projects website.

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YouTube logo Check out our YouTube Page
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